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Freda Boulter

"My husband and I have been attending Magda’s Pilates classes for about 10 years.
She is an excellent instructor, no lesson ever the same but constantly moving forward.
At the start of each lesson she asks if we have any injuries or other health issues and will adapt the exercises to suit."

Diwakar Chaudhari

I've been attending Magda's Pilates classes for 5 years and I must say that Magda's classes are the best.
Whether you are attending the class on-line or in-class, the interaction, communication and instructions are clear, unambiguous, succint and to the point.
Magda designs the class structure and content in line with the class members' abilities but they are progressive and varied.
Magda changes the content in each session keeping the repeats to minimum and there is always a theme to the class, e.g. upper body, shoulders, core, balance, etc.
Magda is the best that you can get
for Pilates classes.

Anona Phillips

"I found Magda when I was on maternity leave and looking for postnatal Pilates classes. I found she did some in the week which worked well for me and 4 years later I still attend her classes.
I really like how Magda teaches her classes she always give you options even if one day your body isn’t ready for a certain exercise Magda will help you with a different variation.
I do two classes a week with Magda and I really look forward to them each week"

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